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Finding Opportunities in the Age of Covid

August 20, 2020

Bonny Block

The following Q&A with Wripple Co-Founder Bonny Block was included in Millie, a new financial publication covering all aspects of money and how it impacts women's lives


1. What industries/types of positions are hiring right now?

It’s probably not too surprising that the industries most actively looking for on-demand talent are the ones where the Covid pandemic has accelerated demand and usage of their products or services.  These include healthcare, consumer goods, eCommerce and technology companies. The top roles those companies have an interest in range from consumer researchers who can shed light on how Covid is changing consumer behaviors to the professionals that create digital experiences to engage consumers.  These roles include designers, software developers, social media managers, and digital content producers.

2. How hasCOVID impacted/changed Wripple? How has Wripple become beneficial for those seeking jobs?

Because Wripple was founded in late 2018 as a tech start-up that connects remote freelance talent with client opportunities, we were inherently built for Covid.  Therefore, it hasn’t changed our internal business operations that much, other than limiting our in-person time with clients.  And because Wripple was designed for the type of world in which we’re now living, it’s uniquely suited to help talent looking for new freelance opportunities.  Digital marketing and experience professionals can find and contract new assignments fully online.  Freelancers can create Wripple profiles that promote their capabilities and are matched in real-time to clients searching for their specific skills.  Freelancers and clients can meet online for interviews and complete the entire hiring and contracting process digitally.  

3. What skills are most in demand, given COVID-19?

 The skills that we have seen the most need for include:

·       Digital Strategy

·       User Experience Design

·       Visual Design

·       Digital Marketing

·       Content strategy

·       Content production (especially video for social channels)

·       Software Development

·       Data Sciences and Analytics

 4. What can someone who is currently unemployed do to better their chances of landing a job? 

In this environment being flexible and open to different work arrangements is key.  For example, we see talent being asked to work in different team structures, take on fully remote work, start on a contract basis with the option to go full-time, stretch to take on expanded responsibilities.  This is also a good time to expand your skills or strengthen existing ones.  There are countless options for online learning and certification, whether you want to gain specific technology skills or take MBA level courses in strategy, marketing, product management and operations.  And on a much more tactical level, yet very critical, is a commitment to creating and maintaining an effective online professional profile. This of course means LinkedIn, but with a wealth of options across different online talent marketplaces, talent should spend adequate time to create profiles that market unique capabilities to clients in the most relevant way possible.  For example, on Wripple, our clients search for talent with proven capabilities in digital marketing and experience.   When talent takes the time to craft a Wripple profile that demonstrates a proven track record (compelling work history highlights, relevant sample work, client testimonials, etc.) they get a pretty significant advantage over other candidates.  Candidates need to think of their profiles on LinkedIn and talent marketplaces as their storefront and put their best foot forward.