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Team Up with Wripple!

February 13, 2021

If your freelancing business can’t keep up with demand, or you need specific expertise for a project, now you can find talent on Wripple’s Agency Services Platform.  Seize your opportunity!

We started Wripple with a commitment to fuel the success of all types of digital marketing and experience teams.  Up to this point, this has meant forming teams of top freelance talent on our Agency Services Platform to serve Wripple clients.  Now freelance professionals who are members of Wripple’s talent marketplace have direct access to the Platform to search for talent to  build out their own teams for their own client opportunities.  

We’re building Wripple to be the open talent sourcing platform that defines the future of teaming up.  One day a freelancer who is a member of the Wripple platform might be matched to a Wripple client project, and the next day that same freelancer could be on Wripple’s platform as a client looking for talent to help deliver their own projects.  Whichever scenario, Wripple’s role is to help users create in real time agile teams that have the right fit, right roles and skills, at the right budget. 

How Wripple Team Up Works:

If you’re an approved freelancer on the Wripple Platform you can ask for direct access to the talent marketplace to search for top freelance professionals to help you grow your business

We offer 2 options for members of the marketplace to find and connect with fellow freelancers for their own client opportunities:

Option 1: Make the Match and Go!

Option 2:  Outsource Cross-discipline Project Opportunities

Join Wripple Team Up!

To make connections with other freelancers on Wripple’s Agency Services Platform to help you grow your business, here’s what you need to do:

If you don't have an active profile on Wripple please start here:  https://www.wripple.com/apply-to-join

If you’re an active member of Wripple, please indicate your interest to receive more information by sending us an email at TalentTeam@wripple.com (in the subject line please put Wripple Team Up)

In the coming weeks, we’ll keep you posted on the launch of Wripple’s open talent sourcing solution for freelancers