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We’ve Been Making The Rounds, Virtually Speaking.

February 13, 2021

Our Talent Support team kicked off 2021 by directly reaching out to members of the Wripple talent marketplace to start a conversation.  We wanted to share insights from our client beta launch to help talent members improve their profiles based on client feedback.  Equally as importantly we wanted freelancer feedback on Wripple’s proposition and how we could build out our platform and community to make a real difference.  On all of our calls we also heard that people wanted to better understand what Wripple is and how it works.  

To more broadly share answers to the community’s most burning questions, below we have summarized the top FAQs from our calls:

Q:  What exactly is Wripple?

A:  As a recent Advertising Week article put it, you can think of Wripple’s Agency Services Platform as if a top digital agency married the TaskRabbit app.  Technically speaking, we’re a two-sided platform that matches clients with independent contractors to tackle digital marketing and experience projects.  And as agency veterans from the likes of Razorfish, Sapient, Ogilvy, Huge and The Martin Agency the founders of Wripple know a thing or two about assembling the right creative and tech talent with the skills and passion to deliver work that makes a difference.

Q:  How does Wripple work?

A: We operate as a closed marketplace where both clients and talent are selected to have access to the platform.  This means freelancers who are accepted to the marketplace get matched with top clients that have been qualified by Wripple.  The platform matches freelancers with opportunities based on how well profiles (experience, roles, skills, preferred projects) meet client needs.   As a member of the talent marketplace, freelancers set their own rate by the different roles they can play.  When matched with a client opportunity, freelancers can always negotiate rates based on that project’s specifics.

Q. What has Wripple done with clients since it launched?

A. We may have been quiet, but we’ve been busy helping clients with mission critical work!  A few highlights since we were founded in 2019:


Q. What are Wripple’s talent marketplace stats?

A. 450+ freelancers have joined the marketplace since we started recruiting  freelancers who focus on digital marketing and experience work.  We’re committed to accepting the best freelancers in the business while maintaining a healthy balance between the number of professionals on the marketplace with client demand.  Our goal is not necessarily to be the biggest but strive to provide talent and clients with the best possible experience that creates meaningful opportunities for everyone.  A few stats, as of year-end 2020:


Q.  What does the technology platform offer freelancers?    

A.  While the Wripple BD team is working hard to find freelancers new client opportunities, the Wripple tech platform serves as an end-to-end operating system for members: 

          Contact us at: TalentTeam@wripple.com

Q. Let’s get down to brass tacks.  How does the money stuff work?    

A. Wripple holds all contracts with talent and in turn holds the SoW with the client.  This makes it easier for everyone.  Talent gets automatically paid by Wripple through our payment portal, which also generates 1099s.  Freelancer contracting  varies by two different types of projects:

In all cases it’s important to note that freelancers provide Wripple an ideal rate for each role they can play.  This rate is shown on the platform to provide clients with an initial cost, but that rate should be viewed as a starting point.  Everything can be negotiated (up or down) with the client based on the talent’s wishes and understanding.

Members of the marketplace also get paid $150 for every referral they make that is accepted in the marketplace and placed on a project.  You can send friends and colleagues to our sign-up page and make sure they input your name as the referral https://www.wripple.com/apply-to-join