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Wripple’s AI Roles & Related Skills

June 29, 2023
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Here at Wripple, we are constantly expanding our platform to meet the needs of our clients and deliver opportunities to our talent members. Our platform has a a number of AI skills and roles available.

AI Roles on Wripple

AI Engineer

AI Engineers develop and deploy cognitive services, machine learning, and knowledge-mining solutions to be applied in the real world. Their role is to create machines capable of reasoning like the human brain, mimicking human functions, such as solving problems and learning.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers design software, predictive models, programs, and algorithms that help machines identify patterns and take actions independently without receiving direction to perform these specific tasks.

AI Consultants

Strategists with deep technical understanding, advise organizations on how to harness the power of AI across the business. Develops AI strategic roadmaps that guide companies on how to design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions to achieve desired outcomes over time.

Prompt Consultant

Develops, refines, and optimizes AI-generated text prompts to generate the desired output. Ensures prompts are accurate, engaging, and relevant for various AI applications, striving to improve machine-generated outputs in ways that are reproducible.

BI Engineer

Design, implement, and maintain systems used to collect and analyze business intelligence data. Creates dashboards, databases, and other platforms that allow for efficient collection and evaluation of BI data. They work closely with marketing staff and other stakeholders to gain an understanding of BI goals and objectives to ensure the systems and their capabilities support the organization’s intelligence needs.

AI Skills on Wripple

Here's a list of the more popular AI skills on our platform, which can be added across all roles. Be sure to log onto the platform to see the full list of skills (89 new skills and growing).












Surfer SEO


Alli AI

Adobe Sensei







For Wripple Talent 

If you have experience in any of these AI roles and/or skills, be sure to update your profile so you can get matched with client projects that fit your skill set. Also, if there are any that you think we should add, let us know.

Log in to your talent profile here to get started.

To update your skills:  

  1. Log onto the platform.
  2. Go to your talent dashboard. Under “Profile” click “roles and skills.”  
  3. You can either click “edit role” to add skills to a specific role, or scroll to the bottom and add additional skills.  

Brian Deloach
Search Engine Optimization
Zebbie Gillispie
Creative Direction & Designer
Andrew Golubock
Engagement Manager
Angie Vaughn
Marketing & Email Strategy
Evelyn Creekmore
Content Strategy & Writer

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