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Equifax + Wripple Success Story

August 29, 2022
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As a global data, analytics, and technology company, Equifax plays an essential role in the economy by helping companies in diverse industries such as automotive, communications, utilities, financial services, fintech, healthcare, insurance, mortgage, professional services, retail, e-commerce, and government agencies, make critical decisions with greater confidence. Equifax’s unique blend of differentiated data, analytics, and technology provide the insights that power decisions to move people forward.  

How Wripple Helped

Equifax was looking for a new kind of partner committed to agile, remote, and co-creation. We were a match made in heaven to help them establish B2B social strategy and launch Equifax’s new B2B proposition, the Ignite Data & Analytics platform.  

Wripple provided Equifax with a cross-discipline campaign team, including a Social Strategist, Planner, Creative Director, Copywriter, Art Director, and Producer, to launch Ignite via social channels with paid ads and video content. The work was executed in a co-creation mode where teams were blended, and the pace was fast.   


  • Gained speed to market and agility from a cross-discipline freelance team that delivered across 4 key initiatives:
  1. Global Social Strategy & Roadmap
  2. Global Content Pilot
  3. Product launch and multivariate campaign test
  4. Immersive experience concepts for corporate events
  • Beat all past campaign benchmarks in B2B social for the brand and industry
  • Established the foundation for future social campaigns through robust testing &  learning, the creation of reusable assets, and a new creative style guide 

Interested in learning how you can work with a world-class on-demand cross-discipline campaign team like Equifax? Please contact Bonny Block, Chief Growth Officer, to request a demo: Bonny@wripple.com

Brian Deloach
Search Engine Optimization
Zebbie Gillispie
Creative Direction & Designer
Andrew Golubock
Engagement Manager
Angie Vaughn
Marketing & Email Strategy
Evelyn Creekmore
Content Strategy & Writer

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