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How to Ace Your Next Freelance Project Interview

Posted on:
December 1, 2022
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Being a freelancer comes with a lot of benefits, but it also means a lot of interviews with potential clients. As a refresher, we thought it would help to share some tips and reminders so everyone can ace their next interview.

From what we've seen at Wripple, most clients assess freelancers against six criteria: 

Mastery of role – as part of your intro, be sure to succinctly highlight how your background makes you a great fit for the job (education, training, certifications, awards, past roles).  

Relevant work history – be prepared to share directly relevant work examples that show you can hit the ground running.

Clear and concise communication  have your elevator pitch ready, avoid jargon, and get to the point.

Effective leadership – point to examples of how your project leadership drove positive outcomes.

Collaborative team player – establish how you work effectively with others to achieve common goals.

Commitment to client satisfaction – speak to how you will ensure your clients have an overall top-notch experience.

Now, let's look at a few best practices that help freelancers demonstrate their strengths related to these six criteria. Some of this is back to basics, but worth revisiting as a comprehensive prep checklist

Do Your Homework!

  • Know the company: go on their website, read press releases, and understand the goals and priorities of the company. Use your research to make comments or ask questions that show you've done your research.
  • Know the client: understand what the client does and the requirements for the job at hand. The Wripple Client Lead can provide background information on the client and their priorities. You should also check out the clients' LinkedIn profiles and understand the job details that are included in the Wripple Brief on the platform.
  • Test the technology: to ensure smooth sailing, ensure you know how to use the interview software and test your camera and audio beforehand.
  • Refresh your memory: when it comes to your own experience, be prepared to pinpoint specific experiences and skills related to the job at hand.
  • Prepare insightful questions: while often overlooked, preparing thoughtful questions that show your interest will help you better understand what's needed and get to know a potential client better. You'll also possibly learn if an opportunity is not the right fit for you.     
  • Your Wripple portfolio: If possible, before your interview, make sure your Wripple Profile has the latest and greatest information so your client has access to see your background info and relevant work. For creative roles, it is essential to have your portfolio updated on Wripple. Please make sure to include a link to your portfolio site on your Wripple profile!

First Impressions Are Everything

We've compiled some top tips on how to give the best first impression during the interview.

General Interview Tips:

  • SAR Method: the best approach to answering a client's question about your experience is using the SAR framework. This stands for explaining the Situation at hand, the Actions you took, and the Results you drove. Use this method to explain how you delivered a specific outcome through clear and concise communication.
  • Interview the client: as much as the interview is about you, this is also your time to get to know the client's company and if the project is what you are looking for. Asking good questions about expectations, job description, and overall company goals is a great place to start.
  • If you can't make it, let your client know. We understand that life happens sometimes, and we need to reschedule important events. If you can't make it, inform the interviewer at least 24 hours in advance out of respect for their time.
  • Leave out the talk about rates or pay until later. Wripple will facilitate that after the interview!

Video Etiquette Tips:

  • Turn your camera on. Although it sounds obvious, showing your face creates a much more personal connection.
  • Log on to the interview early! Give time for potential tech hiccups to be sorted before the interview.
  • Remove any video backgrounds you don't want and use the blur filter to prevent unwanted distractions.
  • Dress to impress! Although you aren't in person, putting on appropriate attire for a video interview can only reinforce your interest in the opportunity.

Don't forget to… 

Write a follow-up email! Thank your client for their time after the interview and reiterate why you are the best fit for the opportunity. Feel free to share more materials with the client that would strengthen your candidacy. If there are any follow-up requests, address those in the email.

Sometimes post-interview, you realize that it's not the opportunity you're looking for or not the right fit. Let your Wripple Client Lead know if this is the case, and graciously bow out, thanking the client for their time, and explaining why. Clients appreciate the honesty and will be more likely to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

We hope these tips will help you excel in interviews for future opportunities. If you are a freelancer looking to join Wripple, apply here: 

If you're interested in learning more about Wripple's platform, schedule a demo:

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