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How Will AI Make a Marketer’s Job Better?

Posted on:
April 26, 2023
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It’s nearly impossible to read a newspaper, magazine, or scroll through your favorite feed without seeing some prophecy about AI. From the dystopian to the cautiously very optimistic, there is no shortage of perspectives on how AI will impact the future. We’re not about to throw any more sweeping AI predictions into the ring, but one potential outcome we like was expressed in a recent NY Times opinion piece It’s Not the End of Work. It’s the End of Boring Work. Guest essayist Louis Hyman a historian at the I.L.R. School at Cornell, writes specifically of ChatGPT:


“Instead of eliminating many white-collar jobs altogether, as people are understandably worried it will do, it has the ability to do something much more powerful: to eliminate what’s boring about those jobs, freeing us up to be more stimulated, more creative and more human in our work. In the process it can drastically increase productivity.”


This clearly falls into the more hopeful bucket and lines up with what many prognosticators believe. Human + AI represents a powerful combination that will revolutionize how work gets done. One thing we know now is that AI has already become a critical part of how an effective and efficient modern marketing workforce operates. Marketing teams use AI in digital products, as part of the creative process, to manage media, and to drive automation that frees up teams to focus on higher-order tasks. 

Given the dizzying pace of change, we can help each other navigate AI opportunities by sharing our experiences where human + AI makes marketing work better. To contribute to the conversation, we’re sharing lists of AI tools that marketers can use across a range of needs, some are free and some are paid. Do you have any on this list you love? Any tools missing you’d recommend?

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