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Matching the Best with the Best: Wripple’s Talent Vetting

Posted on:
February 28, 2023
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Finding talented independent professionals to get critical work done is increasingly crucial for modern marketing teams. Equally as important, independent professionals need project opportunities from qualified companies dedicated to creating meaningful work. To meet these client and talent needs, Wripple built a closed talent marketplace where clients get matched with talent who has proven capabilities and talent only sees opportunities from clients that are fully qualified with an MSA in place and projects that already have approved budgets.

To make the right client and talent matches and continue to attract the best brands with meaningful project opportunities, Wripple’s talent vetting process is fundamental to everyone’s success. For that reason, we would like to provide an overview of how it all works:

Apply Online

The process begins when a freelancer applies through Wripple.com. Through a combination of tech and human evaluation we assess the depth of a candidate’s marketing expertise, ensuring at least 5 years of experience in their chosen discipline, and ideally experience gained working with a top agency, in-house agency, or consultancy. If the applicant meets the initial criteria, they move onto an interview.  

The Interview  

The next round of our process involves diving deeper into the applicant’s work experience and background. The Wripple Talent Team will conduct one or more in-depth interviews with candidates, focusing on six success criteria:

  1. Work history: We discuss candidates’ work background to make sure they have the type of experience and expertise to deliver the caliber of marketing work expected by clients. This is basically a journey through a candidate’s resume highlights.
  2. Communication: As an independent professional who must manage client relationships as well as deliver work, strong communication skills are essential. During the interview we explore an individual’s ability to communicate clearly, logically, and efficiently. And a big part of this means the candidate is also a good listener.
  3. Leadership: We look for an applicant’s proven ability to define the best approach to drive toward required outcomes (this also means knowing when to adjust the approach if there’s a better way forward). Being proactive, managing by influence, and working through ambiguity are also key qualities we would like to see.
  4. Team Effectiveness: Because a lot of projects on Wripple involve working as blended teams of freelancers and employees, it’s important to know that candidates embrace collaboration, remain open to others’ opinions, and hold themselves accountable to the team’s shared goals.    
  5. Work Quality and Capability: Based on the marketing role(s) and skills a candidate selects as part of their online application, we will explore past work cases to confirm the capability to deliver high-quality work in their chosen craft.
  6. Freelancer X-Factor: being an independent professional is not easy! Here we want to make sure candidates have the right mindset and attitude to achieve client satisfaction and get good work done reliably.  

Candidates that demonstrate strength across all six criteria are invited to join Wripple. Once approved to join, the first step is to create a complete and robust talent profile which increases the likelihood of being matched with client projects. The Wripple team will help in this process by providing talent members feedback on their profile and best practices for representing their work backgrounds.    

Once matched with a client opportunity, talent can either express interest via the job board or a client will directly invite a candidate to propose on the project. Clients will then invite candidates for interviews and if selected for the role we will ask for references. In some cases, clients require background checks. Our Wripple Client Leads will be a part of the whole process, providing guidance and support, as needed.

If you’re not currently a talent member on Wripple and would like to apply, please do so here: https://app.wripple.com/signup/talent

If you’re looking for highly skilled freelance talent to join your team, schedule a demo here: https://www.wripple.com/request-demo