Micro Agency Spotlight: Meet Datamorrow

January 25, 2024
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Datamorrow Solutions is a specialized technology company and media consultancy built for the now and emerging AI future. They provide clients a safe on-ramp to investigate the benefits of AI as they maximize marketing campaign effectiveness and reach untapped opportunities in the marketplace.

Consumer demographics are rapidly shifting – currently, 40% of the U.S. population is non-white, but only 6% of marketing expenditures are targeted to that group. Datamorrow helps clients realign marketing spend to capture previously overlooked and emerging audiences. They do this by creating AI-derived targeting models and  media activation personas tailored to be culturally competent and built to drive more effective social and digital media campaigns for diverse audiences.

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What makes them special?

Boosting MROI Through AI

Datamorrow uses custom AI-models infused with cultural intelligence frameworks to unearth insights on diverse audiences from their clients’ own first- party/proprietary data. They then deploy AI-derived propensity models and media activation personas to maximize MROI for paid social and digital media campaigns.

Connecting Brands to Diverse Audiences

They are experts in maximizing media campaign performance against Black and Hispanic Audiences. With expertise in messaging strategy and creative development to help clients effectively reach those audiences.

Helping Clients Mitigate The Risks Of Using AI

Datamorrow Solutions has pulled together a core team of AI and Machine learning experts. In addition, they are part of the Microsoft Founders Hub Program. That program gives them access to both AI Infrastructure (like Azure AI, Mongo databases, etc.) and Microsoft employees who are experts in AI and Machine learning.

A Powerful Collective

Datamorrow is part of a three-boutique firm collective. Each firm plays a specific role in delivering innovative solutions to clients. And their clients enjoy the simplicity of one point of contact for all program-related activities.  

  • Datamorrow Solutions: Providing a safe on-ramp for clients to investigate the benefits and leverage AI capabilities to maximize MROI. Founded 2023.
  • Propellant Media: Experts in omnichannel digital and social media, OTT/CTV, and paid search campaigns. Inc. 5,000 company 4 years in a row 2020-2023. Founded 2015.
  • HUMINT: Experts in providing clients with culture-infused communications strategy, research, and creative services. Founded 2016.

Read More About Datamorrow Solutions and The Collective Members:

Brian Deloach
Search Engine Optimization
Zebbie Gillispie
Creative Direction & Designer
Evelyn Creekmore
Content Strategy & Writer
Andrew Golubock
Engagement Manager
Angie Vaughn
Marketing & Email Strategy

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