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New Wripple Talent Dashboard Launches

Posted on:
May 17, 2022
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Wripple’s Talent Dashboard Launches!

The promise of a truly two-sided platform is here. With the launch of Wripple’s Talent Dashboard, you can now track and manage the entire process of securing projects through Wripple, all in one place. You will also receive email alerts when clients invite you to consider a project, ask for a proposal, request an interview or when they decide to hire you for an engagement.

Check out how Wripple’s Talent Dashboard connects you seamlessly to clients for more opportunities and serves as your personalized operating system to manage your business with greater ease.

Project Module

  • The most significant part of the Talent Dashboard launch is the Wripple Project Portal.                                                                   
  • From your Dashboard, you will see an overview of all of your projects based on what stage they’re in.                                                                 
  • Projects with the most recent activity are listed for direct access.                                      
  • Select View All Projects to see a complete listing of all of your Project Tiles.                   

Project Dashboard

  • All projects are summarized on Project Tiles and organized by stage on the Project Dashboard.  
  • Each tile guides you to the next step to move the process along.                                         
  • The first step you’ll be asked to take is to view a Project Brief for potential opportunities that clients have invited you to pursue.

Project Brief

  • For every project that you’re invited to, the platform prepares a project brief for you to review to determine if you’d like to pursue the opportunity.  
  • If you decide to pursue, the client is notified and the process advances with interviews, proposal development and finally contracting.
  • This is all managed via the platform with support from the Wripple Talent Team.          

My Profile

  • From the dashboard, you can select to edit your profile to keep your background info, project preferences, roles, skills, and portfolio updated. This drives better real-time matches with client opportunities and makes you more marketable to clients
  • You can also access your client-facing profile to see it from the client’s perspective                             
  • Through updates to profile management, you can also set preferences for what types of opportunities you’re open to (you can select any single option or a combo):
    - On individual assignments, e.g. longer-term staff augmentation or short-term assignments.  
    - As a member of a cross-discipline freelance team created to deliver specific project types.                                

Email Preferences

  • From your account drop down you can also manage email preferences.                           
  • You can choose to be alerted about a range of events, e.g. whenever a client express interests in you for a project or when you have due dates coming up for proposal submissions and contract signatures.
  • Depending on what you prefer, turn all notifications off or select what matters most to you.                               


  • Let Wripple’s clients know when you’re available for work and for how many hours per week. This will ensure you show up accurately in talent searches based on when they need help.
  • By keeping your availability up to date when your situation changes, you won’t lose out on opportunities (and you won’t show up if you can’t make time for a client).
  • Taking a long break or on another long-term assignment? Turn your profile completely off at any point and re-activate it whenever you're ready for new projects.

Contracting & Payments

  • Keep track of all of your contracts through Wripple (in process and completed).       
  • Manage your payments and tax docs through Wripple’s payment portal.                     

Launching in Q3


Form your own teams on the platform to get matched with client project needs.                       

Updates & Messages 

Check out Wripple updates and personalized messages to get the most out of the platform.