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St. John + Wripple Success Story

Posted on:
August 19, 2022
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St. John is a full-service marketing agency headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, since 1984. St. John has been home to a quality of life and work that has helped attract great people and build one of the region's largest independent agencies. Today, 125 call St. John home.

How Wripple Helped

St. John established a plan to extend its team with freelance professionals across multiple digital disciplines to support growth and provide clients with a broader range of digital services. This approach helped the agency stay focused on growth and manage risk during the pandemic.

Due to Wripple's sole focus on digital marketing and experience talent, St. John partnered with Wripple to extend its team with a virtual bench of top-notch digital freelance talent. On an ongoing basis, Wripple has provided St. John with cross-discipline talent that plays key roles in client business, including:

  • Creative concept team to help win a new piece of business
  • Award-winning Digital Planner to help a marquis client create comprehensive customer journeys
  • MarTech developer to help a client with a niche CMS implementation
  • Front-end developer support to work with a client's resource-strapped internal web team
  • Veteran Digital Designer for multiple website redesign initiatives


  • Being able to say YES to clients due to on-demand access to top-notch digital freelance talent
  • Incremental revenue and managed costs
  • Happy clients that did not take business somewhere else that had required digital capabilities

Interested in learning how you can create a virtual bench as a strategic talent capability like St. John? Please contact Bonny Block, Chief Growth Officer, to request a demo: