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Transforming an Old-World Process: Wripple’s Matching Algorithm

October 13, 2022
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This is the first post in a three-part series focused on Wripple’s platform innovations.  

Matching the Modern Way

Freelance experts specializing in marketing have always provided tremendous value to the teams they work with. To help freelancing create even more value in the face of increased complexity and strained resources, Wripple was founded to maximize flexibility, speed, and efficiency in finding and hiring highly skilled freelancers across all marketing disciplines.

Specifically, Wripple’s matching algorithm was created to transform how marketers and freelancers team up for greater success.

The old-world process entailed marketing teams sifting through countless resumes, all in different formats, and wrangling schedules to conduct interviews and determine who is the right fit. This cumbersome process takes up a ton of valuable time and does not consistently ensure the best talent match. With Wripple, the process is platform-enabled and algorithm-based. How is this better?

How Matching Works

Our matching algorithm is driven by the roles, skills, experience level and work preferences detailed in a freelancer’s Wripple profile. Clients have 24/7 access to Wripple to conduct searches that match them with the freelancers whose profiles are the best fit based on a client’s project’ requirements.

Because Wripple’s talent marketplace only includes vetted talent, clients often find multiple experts who are well-suited for the job. Still, clients can easily find the best match with the help of Wripple’s "match score" which is generated by the algorithm.  

Here’s how it all works:

Once clients have indicated the role they are looking for, they can select specific skills and rank them according to the level of importance for their unique project.

To further narrow in on the perfect match, clients can specify and rank the industries that they are looking for talent to have experience in.

Many customizable options drive matching, such as specified bill rates, the required level of experience, and job descriptions.

Once the client has set the project’s requirements, the search results will show talent tiles with match scores for each candidate.

From each talent tile, clients can dig deeper into the makeup of the match score to better understand each candidate’s background.  

To get to know freelancers even better, clients have access to in-depth profiles that provide the talent’s bio, skills inventory, detailed work history, work samples, portfolio links, and, yes, even access to a resume!

Benefits of Wripple’s Matching Technology

  • An easier and faster process to find the right match, including seamless communications tools to coordinate directly with talent through the platform.
  • A data-driven approach that drives consistency, objectivity, and confidence in talent matches, including only having vetted talent presented according to a client’s specific project needs.
  • Enhanced matching, beyond data-driven search results, that includes rich talent profiles, including customized proposals, work history detail, and portfolios.
  • Get matched with projects you want to work on, and have relevant experience for.
  • Find meaningful, quality work with clients that have been pre-qualified by Wripple.
  • Constantly improve project matching by updating your profile with your changing work preferences and new experiences and skills.  Your profile is your talent DNA, which gives you complete control over your freelancing experience.  

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