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Transforming an Old World Process: Our 3P’s of Transparency

December 16, 2022
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This is the third post in a three-part series focused on Wripple’s platform innovations. 

Gone are the days of hidden fees and confusing processes. When we designed the Wripple platform, transparency was at the forefront of our strategy. A transparent platform means more openness, less friction, and the ability to get down to work faster. 

Here are our “3 P’s” of transparency: 

1. Platform Design 

When parties can communicate openly and seamlessly to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement, we believe this creates stronger relationships built on trust and confidence. Our platform removes walls throughout the proposal and contracting process, connecting talent directly with clients, including a newly integrated chat function that avoids having to juggle multiple applications. 

2. Price

On Wripple, there is no black box when it comes to pricing. There are no hidden fees or no subscription fees, and talent rates are always clearly listed upfront so clients will know exactly how much hiring a specific freelancer will cost and talent members will know how much a potential job will pay. As negotiations progress between client and talent, all numbers are updated throughout the process, leaving little room for miscommunication. 

3. Profile 

When it comes to finding the right talent fit for a project, we made the process as complete and simple as possible. Client users have direct access to robust talent profiles that include bios, work experience, work highlights, resumes, LinkedIn resumes, and portfolios. To make help with making an informed decision, clients can view all this talent information conveniently on Wripple’s platform. 

Wripple’s commitment to transparency is at the core of our brand and design strategy. It will be central to future platform enhancements and features, so please stay tuned for news of upcoming platform launches in the new year!

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