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Wripple 1.5 is Live! New Features for Freelancers and Clients

September 17, 2022
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We’ve made several improvements to the platform for both talent members and clients.  Check out what just went live in early October 2021…

The Main Improvements for Talent Members:

Updated Talent Dashboard Design

Stay updated and informed with alerts and more.

Wripple Job Board

The job board, accessible from your dashboard, includes open opportunities that clients have selected to promote on Wripple. If the opportunity matches a role you play, you can directly let the client know you’re interested. If it’s not a role match, you can refer others who might be a good fit.

Job Match Scores

When you’re matched to an opportunity you can now see how well you’re matched based on different criteria.  If you have the skills and background to improve your score, you can update your profile in real time to see how it impacts your Job Match Score.

Work Preferences

You can help us to get to know you better so we can bring you better opportunities. Please take the time to update your Work Preferences, accessible from your dashboard.

LinkedIn Integration

To complete or update your work history or education, Wripple can now pull in data from your LinkedIn resume. Check it out from your dashboard.

If you’d like to become a member of the Wripple talent marketplace, please apply at

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The Main Improvements for Wripple Clients:

Online SOW Generation with Digital Signature.

For Time & Materials projects, Wripple now offers the ability to manage the SoW process fully online.

Groups & Permissions

To better manage workflow, we’ve added the ability to set up groups and assign permissions to different group members.  If interested please let your Wripple Client Lead know, or contact us at

Design Enhancements
  • Updated navigation that makes the entire process (briefing, talent selection, and SoW development) more intuitive
  • An indication of what talent is ‘New’ since the last talent search conducted for your project  
  • Two ways to save talent:  A Thumbs Up for a specific project and a Heart, which saves talent to a company-wide talent pool for ongoing consideration

If you’d like a demo of the platform, including these new features, please contact us at

Brian Deloach
Search Engine Optimization
Zebbie Gillispie
Creative Direction & Designer
Evelyn Creekmore
Content Strategy & Writer
Andrew Golubock
Engagement Manager
Angie Vaughn
Marketing & Email Strategy

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To learn more about any or all of these solutions, contact your Wripple Client Lead, or request a demo.

To learn more about how Wripple can help your team win in the world of marketing, request a demo.


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To learn more about any or all of these solutions, contact your Wripple Client Lead, or request a demo.