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Wripple Announces Sponsorship with Popular Emerging Tech Podcast Thinking On Paper

Posted on:
August 16, 2023
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Wripple and Thinking on Paper Unleash Limitless Talent Possibilities…

“The collaboration will support the entrepreneurial spirit of freelancers and give new and exciting opportunities to talent. By joining forces, Wripple and TOP are empowering the freelancer and agency community to thrive within the challenging world of emerging technology.”

[Atlanta, GA] - Innovation is at the heart of this new collaboration between Wripple and Thinking on Paper, who proudly announce their strategic sponsorship alliance. This groundbreaking partnership is set to build a thriving community of creators that come together to inspire new thinking and foster the growth of AI, web3, and other emerging technologies

Core to the partnership is Wripple’s on-demand talent platform - a cutting-edge platform that boasts over 3200+ vetted freelance creators that can be matched with client opportunities as individual freelance experts and full project teams. According to recent data, Wripple's Talent Marketplace has witnessed a robust 50% increase in total project value transacted on the platform since the beginning of 2023, highlighting its growing leadership as a trusted enterprise solution for companies committed to building a modern marketing workforce.    

Freelancers, with their entrepreneurial mindset, fuel innovation not only in marketing but also in how work gets done. According to Statista, there will be an estimated 86.5 million freelancers, accounting for 50.9% of the total U.S. workforce by 2027. Additionally, Forbes reports a remarkable 27% increase in 2022 in the number of freelancers making over $100k+, according to MBO Partners. This dynamic freelance community will play an integral role in contributing to Thinking on Paper’s thought-provoking conversations.

"Thinking On Paper is about experimental and cutting edge tech,” explained Mark Fielding, co-host of Thinking on Paper. “It’s about the brands, people and platforms that are changing the human condition. Our focus is interviewing those who are building the professional and entertainment culture of the future, not following trends."

Thinking on Paper is an emerging tech podcast that explores the intersection of culture and technology and what it means for brands, individuals and the human experience. Hosts Mark Fielding and Jeremy Gilbertson are both writers and thought leaders. They use their unique perspectives and experience to offer invaluable guidance to listeners who want to navigate the daunting landscape of emerging tech with confidence, insight, and real knowledge.

No subject is off limits, no technology too futuristic. Sometimes it gets deep. Recent shows have explored AI, AR, blockchain, robotics, NFTs, IOT, cryptocurrency and quantum computing. Their extensive and highly curated guest list includes metaverse visionary Inder Phull, AI Ethics author and advisor Reid Blackman, Sandbox Co-founder Sebastien Borget, TED speaker Elizabeth Strickler, StoryCo CEO Justin Alanis, Yellowheart founder Josh Katz and many more. The show is quickly becoming one of the most watched and respected on LinkedIn.

“Wripple is exhilarated to embark on this journey with Thinking on Paper. Our united endeavors will not only unveil hidden talents but also propel the relentless advancement of transformative emerging technologies, including AI and Web3,” declared Dixie Gilbert, Director of New Business at Wripple. “This partnership represents our commitment to revolutionizing how work gets done, while nurturing and empowering the dynamic freelancer and agency community. Together, we will soar beyond the limits of imagination, where the sky is just the beginning of what we can achieve.”

About Wripple:

Wripple is a breakthrough on-demand talent platform that transforms how companies build and manage a modern marketing workforce with greater speed, flexibility, and efficiency. Powered by advanced proprietary software with generative AI, Wripple’s private talent marketplace matches brands with vetted freelancers, in real-time. Clients can hire creators across 50 marketing roles for project-based assignments or staff augmentation, as well as engage ready-made cross-discipline teams for over 40 different project types. The platform’s freelancer management capabilities handle talent operations and enable companies to manage all their freelancer relationships in one place. Learn more about how Wripple is reshaping the future of modern marketing work at

For more information about the Wripple Talent Marketplace, visit Contact Dixie Gilbert to become a Wripple client. To become talent on the Wripple Talent Marketplace, visit

About Thinking on Paper:

Thinking on Paper is an emerging technology podcast hosted by renowned writers and thought leaders Jeremy Gilbertson and Mark Fielding. It brings to the forefront the brands, platforms, and entertainment IP exploring emerging technology and designing the future of work and culture. Stay informed and inspired:

For guest spots and sponsorship opportunities, contact Jeremy Gilbertson or Mark Fielding at /

Catch the latest episode of Thinking on Paper at



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