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Wripple Deep Dive - Wripple’s Human Touch

July 29, 2022
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Everyone at Wripple has experience in digital either as a former agency professional or a practitioner on the client-side. As veterans of this space, we understand how technology enables teams to move faster, smarter and more efficiently, which is why we built our platform. However, we also know that the best work and most successful teams come out of building human-to-human relationships that have shared purpose and passion. With that in mind Wripple’s offering is deliberately Tech + Human Touch.  

Since we typically talk about our new tech features, we wanted instead to highlight how the human touch plays a central role in our process. For our clients, the protagonist of this story is the Wripple Client Lead.  Every enterprise client has a dedicated Client Lead who can be as hands-on or hands-off as a client wants. The Client Leads ensure success by supporting clients in multiple ways:

Advisor – as former agency account management leaders, a Wripple Client Lead naturally takes a consultative approach to understand business priorities and needs beyond what is captured in our platform. If needed, they will provide guidance on how to work with freelancers to round out talent strategy or optimize existing programs. At the project level they will also provide guidance on setting up the best search and selecting the right talent for the role.

Trainer – At the onset of your relationship with Wripple, Client Leads will train client users on how to use the platform to get most out of the technology, but also provide an understanding of critical topics like worker compliance. And training is ongoing as new client users are added to an account, new capabilities launch and new talent management topics warrant attention.

Talent Onboarding Partner – whether it’s helping with an initial talent briefing, facilitating a kick-off meeting or making sure the usual i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed (background checks, drug tests and other fun stuff), Client Leads always are there to make for a smooth transition. While the platform facilitates a lot of this stuff, there is no substitute for the helping (human) touch of our Client Leads to kick off on the right foot.

Extended Team Member – while we’re told the platform is pretty intuitive and easy to use =), sometimes you just are too busy to set up a project yourself and find the right match. You can always phone a friend and ask your Client Lead to jump in and get the process rolling!

On-Demand Troubleshooter – lastly, whatever surprises come your way, big or small, we’re here to help troubleshoot. Even once a project has kicked off, the Client Lead does not exit stage left. Whatever the use case or need, clients can rest easy because their Wripple Client Lead is on deck as a trusted partner deeply invested in client project success!

If you’re already a client, log on and contact your Client Lead to understand how Wripple can help with everything from your talent strategy to immediate project needs requiring a freelance expert. Your dedicated Client Lead’s contact info is on your account home page.  

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To learn more about any or all of these solutions, contact your Wripple Client Lead, or request a demo.

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To learn more about any or all of these solutions, contact your Wripple Client Lead, or request a demo.