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Wripple: Now a Platform for Helping Small Agencies Grow

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November 9, 2023
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One of the main reasons we created Wripple was to elevate the amazing, often hidden, talent that exists in the world of freelancing. By signing up for Wripple, independent freelancers get opportunities to work with great companies. And companies benefit by getting matched to top-notch marketing talent who provides a perfect fit for their needs related to experience, skills, timing, and budget.      

We’ve witnessed a similar pattern and opportunity for small agencies. Around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of small, boutique agencies that deliver great work for leading companies. But many of these small agencies are hidden gems and brands are missing an opportunity to work with these highly skilled, innovative, and cost-effective agency teams that deliver great, highly specialized work.

With the release of Wripple 4.0, small agencies have a new, modern way to introduce their services to prospective clients and grow their business.

Introducing Wripple’s Two-Sided Agency Portal

Small agencies have been using Wripple for several years now on the ‘buy-side’—as a tool to find/hire freelance talent. We've also been matching boutique agencies with clients looking for a small agency partner outside of the platform. Now, with our latest product release, small agencies can create a digital presence on Wripple and add an innovative, on-demand business development channel to win new clients.  

Using Wripple’s new ‘supply-side’ experience, small agencies can opt-in as a talent supplier on the marketplace, meaning they will get matched with project opportunities that intersect with their service offerings, teams, and expertise.    

Three Simple Steps to Set Up Your Agency to Win New Business

  1. Create your Agency Profile and Add Employees
Agency Profile Page

  1. Define the Services Your Agency Offers
Agency Service Page

  1. Create and Manage Ready-Made Teams
Team Overview Page
Build the team roster.

Team Dashboard
Activate and manage teams on your team dashboard.

Team Control Center
Use the team control center to manage and activate each team.

What About Winning New Clients?

After your agency is set up as a supplier on Wripple, you’ll be matched to prospective clients based on their specific project needs and the teams you have active on the platform. Wripple currently has about 150 top brands using our platform to find talent, so that’s a lot of new exposure for a small agency.  To raise awareness of your agency and its specialized services, Wripple gets your agency in front of our growing client roster through a variety of channels, including an agency spotlight in our email newsletter and on our website, ongoing inclusion in our content marketing calendar, and targeted campaigns that we co-create.  Once a client is interested in working with you, leads, pricing, and proposals are managed through the Agency Portal.    

Inbound leads will appear on your agency dashboard.

Review Project Briefs
Review project briefs and submit pricing and proposals.

Your Agency’s Path to New Business Starts Here

Wripple’s two-sided Agency Portal is the logical next step that elevates our vision of connecting companies with talent to deliver great work in a more modern way. We couldn’t be more excited about this  opportunity to help small agencies find new clients and grow.  

If you’re a micro agency interested in joining Wripple, or a potential client looking for access to a marketplace of specialized micro agency partners, schedule a demo to get started.

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