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Wripple Product Release: Advanced Talent Search & Design Enhancements

Posted on:
December 16, 2022
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In early December, Wripple launched an improved platform experience that provides clients with even more precision to find the right match for the job at hand. A few design enhancements will make the process more delightful as well! The main improvements included in the December 2022 release are highlighted below:

Advanced Search:

First, we’re excited to announce Wripple’s advanced talent search capability. 

After receiving feedback from our client user group, we have made it easier to find that unicorn. Clients can now set up talent searches that can include multiple roles. For example, if you need a UX Designer with Art Director experience, you can run a search that creates a mash-up of these two roles. Your results will only include talent at the intersection of UX Designer and Art Director who also have your specified skills. Advanced searches can be set up to include up to 5 roles. Don’t let the power go to your head. =) 

Project Collaboration:

Now, when you set up a project, you can establish upfront which members of your team you would like to collaborate with for that specific talent search. This will ensure only the folks that need to receive updates and conduct interviews are included in platform communications.

Design Enhancements:

Finally, we’ve made the whole search process more delightful and streamlined with a few design improvements. The most noticeable changes include the following:

An updated shortlist page that makes it easier to track your top candidates and where they are in the process.

A streamlined Project Brief page that makes all of the project details easier to find and edit

A new persistent bottom footer to summarize your project and remind you of where you are in process.

If you have any feedback on these new features and enhancements, please let us know what you like and don’t like at

If you are currently not a client and would like to learn more, please contact us at You can also check us out at Wripple.comIn early December, Wripple launched an improved platform experience that provides clients with even more precision in finding the right match for their jobs.