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Talent Tips to Getting Work on the Wripple Platform

September 29, 2022
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To help our talent members get the most out of Wripple, we sometimes like to share suggestions. In this post we have three tips to highlight.   

Tip #1: Provide Clients With The Latest & Greatest

If you see an opportunity on the Wripple Job Board and you let the client know you’re interested in pursuing it, be sure to put your best foot forward by taking the following steps:

Step 1. After clicking "I'm interested" on the job board, a pop up will appear to complete your proposal.

Step 2. After letting the client know you’re interested via the job board, the platform shows you what requirements the client set for the project (skills, industry experience, total years of experience). If your current profile doesn’t accurately represent how qualified you are for the role, you can update your permanent profile directly as a part of this step and increase your match score for the opportunity.

Tip #2: Adding a Detailed Cover Letter

When a client invites you to review and propose on a new project opportunity, be sure to provide clients with the most accurate picture of why you are the best person for the job!

Including a cover letter highlighting your most relevant experience and excitement for the opportunity will set you apart. It does not have to be lengthy, just a short paragraph or two to help you shine. It is something clients tell us really matters.


Tip #3:  Keep Your Profile Fresh

As you continue to increase your awesomeness, don't forget to update your profile on Wripple so clients know too! Be sure to add new skills, work history, and work samples in addition to uploading a current resume. You can upload your resume in the ‘Links & Documents tab, which is part of your profile. Lastly, please update your preferences to ensure that you get matched with the types of projects you truly want.

All this can be done from your talent dashboard. Below is the talent dashboard where you can choose to update your profile (far left) and let us know your working preferences (lower right).

If you have any questions on how to update your profile, preferences or upload a cover letter, don't hesitate to reach out to us via If you're not part of the Wripple marketplace, apply here:

Brian Deloach
Search Engine Optimization
Zebbie Gillispie
Creative Direction & Designer
Evelyn Creekmore
Content Strategy & Writer
Andrew Golubock
Engagement Manager
Angie Vaughn
Marketing & Email Strategy

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