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Transforming an Old-World Process: Find and Hire the Right Talent with Greater Speed

November 21, 2022
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This is the second post in a three-part series focused on Wripple’s platform innovations.

With tighter budgets and more competitive pressures, companies must get work done faster. One way for marketers and agencies to gain speed is to expand their teams with freelance talent. Ironically, the process of finding and hiring the right freelance talent is often cumbersome and slow. Sifting through resumes, juggling multiple candidates, countless emails back and forth, coordinating calendars for interviews, figuring out how to contract… does this sound familiar? 

Enter Wripple’s tech innovations, which target these speed bumps to meet today’s need for speed! Our platform helps teams move faster in 3 ways:


1. All-In-One Place

On the Wripple platform, everything is in one place from start to finish. Wripple’s platform was designed as an all-in-one tool for freelance talent and clients to collaborate throughout each step involved in finding and hiring. Did we mention– everything can be done within 24 hours?

  • Clients can set up and manage searches, view profiles and resumes, get matched with talent, schedule an interview, and connect directly with talent on the platform.
  • Talent has access to their dashboard, receiving client invites to projects and ongoing updates on opportunities they’re pursuing so that the process moves smoothly!

2. Automation Abounds! 

While we value the human touch throughout our process, automation of tedious, old-world tasks increases speed to market and helps our clients focus on higher-order activities. Here are some of the awesome highlights of our automated processes:

  • Project Set Up: To get things rolling, clients can use Wripple’s project builder to set up a search and define project requirements. The result is a project brief automatically shared across client teams and the talent matched for the opportunity. Everyone starts from the same (automated) page. 
  • Matching Algorithm: Highlighted in our previous blog post here, our matching algorithm does all the hard work by matching talent members who best fit the client project’s needs. Say goodbye to sifting through tons of resumes! 
  • RFP Process: Next up, the platform automates the RFP process, including receiving proposals, interview scheduling, and finalizing the scope, rates, and contract. Ever heard of an RFP process with multiple candidates wrapping up in a couple of hours? We have…  
  • Reminders and Alerts: Throughout the process, clients and talent receive automated communications with updates and to-dos to make sure they don’t miss a beat. It’s like having a virtual project manager, but if you ever need the real deal, any questions can be addressed with your Wripple Client Lead. 

As we continue to innovate other processes such as onboarding, will become increasingly automated. Stay tuned for product launches and updates to get the latest from us! 


3. Purpose-Built for Expediency

Things always go faster when you work with teams (and tech) that know your world. Wripple was founded by agency and marketing veterans. We’re only focused on the talent you’d find at a top digital agency, which means our category knowledge and experience are built into the platform for expediency. This familiarity makes you feel at home and reduces friction that could get in the way of getting down to work faster! 


If you’re interested in learning more about Wripple’s platform, schedule a demo: https://www.wripple.com/request-demo. 

If you’re not a client and have questions, please contact us at ClientTeam@wripple.com.

Are you a freelancer looking to join Wripple? Apply to join here: https://app.wripple.com/signup/talent 

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To learn more about any or all of these solutions, contact your Wripple Client Lead, or request a demo.